intérieur cathédrale du Mans
Pupil of famous organists Suzanne Chaisemartin, François-Henri Houbart and Marie-Claire Alain, Bruno Morin won in 1994 the Grand Prix d'interprétation of the International Organ Competition in Chartres.
Bruno Morin has been performing since in Europe, USA and South America.

Thanks to his wide musical education, Bruno Morin not only distinguishes himself in recital but also in his recordings from Boyvin, Lully, Bach or Haendel to Schumann, Brahms, Reubke, Widor, Vierne or Fleury. His recordings on legendary instruments such as Cavaille Colls in Saint-Sulpice in Paris, Saint-Sernin in Toulouse, Francois-Henri Cliquot in Poitiers cathedral as soloist or with orchestra gathered high praises from the press and audience around Europe.

Together with Marie-Claire Alain, Olivier Vernet and Frédéric Rivoal, Bruno Morin participated to the first recording of the Organ Concertos for 2, 3 and 4 keyboards of JS Bach.  He has also recorded the Concerto for Organ and Orchestra of Francis Poulenc.

photo de Bruno Morin

Address : 43, rue Guillemard - 76600 Le Havre - France - Phone number : 00 33 (6) 63 48 30 13 - Mail :

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