Triton records Instrument portraits
Couverture CD Brahms

Johannes Brahms

Julius Reubke

Winterthur, Staadkirche (Suisse)

      Couv CD St Martin

European organ music
from XVth to XVIIIth centuries

Abbey church Saint-Georges

Lessélier-Aubertin organ









Jacques Boyvin

Jean-Baptiste Lully

Poitiers, Notre-Dame cathedral 

Couv CD Boyvin


Great-organ by Louis Debierre


Abbey church Saint-Sauveur

Couv CD Montivilliers






Couv CD St Schumann

Robert Schumann

Paris, Saint-Sulpice 


Couv CD St Joseph

Inaugural recital

Alfred Kern organ

Le Havre, Saint-Joseph 







Louis Vierne

Charles-Marie Widor

Paris, Notre-Dame d'Auteuil

Couv CD Autueil

Jean-Sébastien Bach

Concertos for two, three and four keyboards

World first recording


 Couv CD Bach

  To be published - Aeolus records
Couv CD Haendel

Georg-Friedrich Handel

Boulogne-sur-Mer,  Notre-Dame cathedral



André Fleury Caen

Abbey church Saint-Etienne

First symphony, preludes and fuges, tryptic


Reictal in Toulouse

Abbey church Saint-Sernin

Berlioz, Saint-Saëns, Pierné, Rachmaninov,Vierne, Dupré

Address : 43, rue Guillemard - 76600 Le Havre - France - Phone number : 00 33 (6) 63 48 30 13 - Mail :

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